My Experience So Far at Zuri x I4G Training

Zuri x I4G Training

After a very stressful day, while trying to relax and regain back energy. I pulled out my phone and started going through my Instagram feed then I stumbled on a post for the call to apply for a scholarship to learn design. Then the thought that comes up storms my brain; will you get picked and blah-blah-blah, but I just applied without high expectations and suddenly I got an email of acceptance into the program to take training on UI/UX design.

Getting accepted in the program was a huge win to me because anything design has always aligned with me and not to talk about the issue of finance to pay for a course or go to a design school to learn that which has always triggered a whole to experience in my brain; made me enjoy what I wanted to do.

The first week, we had an introduction. We got to meet the organizers of the program where we got introduced to the program curriculum, the use of the LMS (Learning Management System) to be used for the course of training. As well meetup the participants of the program via slack where we all get to know ourselves.

At first, navigating through the slack workspace was a bit confusing but after 2 days I got a hang of the platform and now the experience from using the platform is better because am more resourceful with it than at the onset. Despite that fact am a design enthusiast It’s been quite a moment since commencing the program; I have learned and unlearned and am still getting exposed to new ideas.

The journey so far has driven me to continue to educate myself more, see design now from a better angle, as well as given me the honour of hearing others’ stories, experience, and share ideas too.

I share my story of navigating through my privileged journey in hopes that it encourages others to hold on to their craft even in times of discomfort with their craft (Financial crisis and others); keep exploring your identities.

I want to say thanks to Zuri x I4G for putting this together and yes, it is free, remote, and affordable. God bless you all immensely.

A design enthusiast